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It's really simple - you provide us with a list of mobile numbers or email addresses and we will send out a message with the rules of the contest!  The contest will run for a month.  At the end of the month we will randomly select a winner (or multiple winners if you would like). 

We will notify the winner, let them choose their shirt and then have it shipped to your vape shop so that you can call them when it's in and have them come pick it up (maybe they'll want some juice while they are in there)!

We take care of

all the details!

How it Works

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Get free t-shirts for you and your customers to wear that feature fun designs that every vaper will enjoy.

Stay in touch with your customers, and get them to come back into your shop to pick up their t-shirts.

Opportunity to get new customers when your customers refer their vaping friends to enter your contest for a free vaping tshirt.

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The Vape Bar's T-shirt Club is an innovative marketing tool that allows vape shop owners to run a contest for their customers to win a free vaping t-shirt. 

We typically help you run a SMS campaign, but if you don't have your customers' mobile numbers stored we can also help you with an email or social media contest!

Free T-shirt Contest for Vape Shops

Free T-shirt Contest for Vape Shops

Pricing - Is it Really Free?

Free One Time Contest

We send out one message announcing your contest, and you will get one free shirt for one winner.  If you want more than one winner it's $25 per shirt.

$39.99 Per Monthly Contest Thereafter

After your initial contest the price is $39.99 per contest.  This covers the cost of the t-shirt giveaway and the cost of sending out your email or SMS.

Sign Up to Be an Affiliate and Make $

If you would like to earn on every customer of yours that buys a shirt you can sign up to be an affiliate.  We pay 10% per sale. This can be used to off-set the cost of your contests.

Your First Contest is FREE if You Link to https://tshirtclub.thevapebar.com on Your Website.

If you don't want to link to us that's okay too.  You will just pay the normal rate of $39.99 per contest.